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About Me

I founded Work That to help people move away from painful, aching and tight bodies, to fully functional, pain-free and energetic physical health.

It developed into a bigger entity - I've trained countless men and women online and helped them build not only physical strength and health, but confidence and improved mental health. 

I have featured in the likes of Stylist magazine, The Mirror, Elle magazine and Refinery29 talking about the importance of exercise and mental health.

Not only that, but I'm working on a project to get more women out and adventuring in nature. I want to get more of us into the wild and away from our smartphones and computers, and do it in a way that promotes sustainability.


Being in nature helps calm anxiety, deal with stress, clear our minds, and keeps us deeply connected with ourselves and those around us.

I'll also be sharing my adventures here as I travel while working remotely, and will share tips and ideas for becoming a digital nomad and adventuring around the world.

Some of the people I have helped

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Adventure & Travel

I have been lucky enough to have some amazing adventures over the past few years. From quitting my 9/5 office job and changing careers, to spending summers travelling Europe and completing triathlons. I'm always trying to find the next adventure, and I want to take you with me! The Work That blog will share all of my top adventure tips, lifestyle advice and my thoughts on happiness and wellbeing.

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