How Working From Home Can Cause Back Pain & Home Remedies

The ‘new normal’ that we’re all trying to adjust to presents many challenges, including mentally, physically, financially, and pretty much everything else. One huge adjustment that lots of us are finding hard to navigate, is the move to working from home.

Naturally, this presents a wealth of challenges but a key issue that’s constantly drawn to our attention is clients finding it hard to be comfortable and pain free when working at their home desk spaces.

If you work a largely desk-based job, you may have previously been provided with an ergonomics assessment and had your desk space adjusted in order to mitigate any postural issues or aches and pains induced through sitting all day in an unnatural position. Though this goes some way to helping keep your body healthy, the issue of sitting for 8 hours a day still remains.

This is where working from home presents an interesting opportunity…

Here are three ways that you can adjust your home workspace and help any back pain you may be experiencing:

Change Positions

A standard seated posture is not necessarily an issue in itself, but becomes an issue when you stay in this position for hours on end. Like any position that you can put your body in, if you spend 15 hours a day there for most of your week and for years on end.. it’s going to cause you problems. The key is to keep switching positions.

Try creating a standing desk space where your can stand up straight and have your screen at eye level. You can also lie on your stomach on the floor, or sit on the floor with your laptop on the coffee table; there are lots of options! You should aim to shift your position every hour.

Hip Mobility Work

Our hips can often develop impingements due to lack of strength and movement, so it’s important that we work on stiffness and perform a mobility stretch after a long day of sitting. You should perform this 1 minute per hip for every hour that you spend sitting each day.

Check out the below video for what to do.

Strength Training

The big issue with sitting so much is that our muscles become underused. By the time we reach middle age, our muscles will not be strong enough to perform basic things like lifting garden rubbish without putting our backs out. Strength training is so important in terms of avoiding injuries.

You should focus on strengthening your core, back, glutes, hamstrings, quads and hip flexors, plus your feet. Our body is a chain; if your lower body and core muscles aren’t doing their job, your lower back is going to take the flack.

Help it out by regular strength training and you will see a vast improvement in terms of pain reduction, posture and your ability to perform every day activities with ease.

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