Our Mission

The fitness industry is broken: the current fitness industry model is designed to make money; that’s the long and short of it. Standing in a sweaty room, packed in like sardines repeating the same movements on machines over and over again, is not how we as humans reach optimum health.

Our bodies developed in this way in order to cater to a lifestyle full if different movements, varying terrain, and challenges that need a fully functional body in order to survive. Gyms sustain and profit from people who take memberships but never go, and they pack as many people in by having each person stuck on a small machine in the corner for 3 sets, before they move on.

Pumping the same muscle up and down with a purely aesthetic aim may give you a pumped up physique in the short term, but often you are no closer than a healthy functional body that someone who doesn’t go to them gym. This whole culture develop off the back of the Arnie trend - bodies that were fuelled in unhealthy ways, to push to swollen, sore muscles, and it devoured the whole industry. People still train like they are bodybuilders, but how functional and healthy are body builders?

It’s time that we move away from this profit driven model and empower people to really get healthy. To move away from this obsession with McBodies and develop nimble, athletic, fit and strong bodies that will serve us well throughout our lives. Our aim at Work That, is to bring back nature’s way and integrate it into our fitness and health routines as much as possible. If you want a personal trainer that will weigh you each week, get you counting calories and pushing your body to painful extremes - this is not the right place for you.

We aim to develop functional, pain-free bodies and develop confidence within our clients, not critique their bodies and focus solely on aesthetic gains.

We want our clients to be active participants in their own health and fitness and to empower them to take care of their bodies by giving them the right guidance and encouraging independence through accountability and mindset coaching.

We coach full functional programmes that challenge every part of your body. We create flexible, nimble bodies through dynamic movements that increase your range of motion. We build strength on solid foundations, and get our clients out of pain with our protect, correct and develop ethos.

We want to turn the fitness industry on its head. We know we’ve done our job when we can set you off towards a life full of pain free movement, where your body can thrive and achieve things you never thought possible. We want you to feel good from within, not keep coming to us in fits and bursts because the fitness industry has made you feel bad about your body after Christmas.

Let’s move towards a fitness and health industry that truly thrives when people participate in their own health. Not one that profits when you don’t show up. Not one that shoves you on a machine that often does more harm than good. Let’s train your body properly, let’s change your lifestyle; let’s put the work in.

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